What you can do

If you feel like us that you need to do more to create positive change in the fashion industry here are ten ways you can both reduce your impact on the environment and shop ethically!

1.Buy vintage - never underestimate going vintage shopping extent lifetime of clothes this way you can new styles that are inexpensive and reduce wastage! Watch this space, Fabric For Freedom aim to have a vintage section on our website.

2.Care for you clothes - Unfortunately the carbon footprint on clothes happens when you take them home; over-washing and dyers cause your clothes to not last as long damaging the shape, fabric and colour fading. Plus if you wash on cold saves on CO2 emissions and energy! Put your garments inside our to protect and always select a cool wash.

3.Support sustainable shops, local, independent businesses and move away from the big high street names. Support businesses that are doing trade the right way no matter what industry!This will allow them to grow and spread their messages. Smaller fashion companies also tend to produce small scale clothings runs to reduce wastage so make sure you get in there quick!

4.Move away from fast fashion - be more choosy about your purchases. Everyone has got that one item that they really cherish in their wardrobe and often it is the ones we have had to wait for and had to save up and buy. By making wiser buying decisions we will build a wardrobe that you value more. Knowing that you have items that have been ethically produced and that are social and environmentally friendly will make you feel good.

5.Recycle, recycle, recycle make sure you donate your clothes if you have decided you do not want them anymore. 80% of textile waste in the UK that ends up on landfills could have been re-used. Find charities that donate to the homeless or have strong community connections so you know nothing you are throwing out is going to waste.

6.Up-cycling/repairing clothing is always an option. There are plenty of youtube videos now on how you can reinvent your old clothes into something you would wear more. Again watch this space Fabric For Freedom will be launching workshops and videos educating these very things.

7.Organise a clothes swap it can all be done in the name of charity! It is affordable and as long as you state they must be in good condition you can invite your friends and it is very entertaining.

8.Understand the issues it is important to do your research, start finding out about sustainability and the importance of it. Which fabrics are more damaging to the environment than others? Where are clothes produced? Who makes our clothes? This way you can spread our message and see through word of mouth a change in the industry.

9.Go Plastic Free easier said that done hey? It is difficult in our generation to be totally plastic free but again there are steps we can all take. Opt for products in the supermarket that have less packaging, reuse bottles and coffee cups, sustainable tooth brushes are just a few of the options. Again stay tuned as we will be releasing a blog post all about this soon!

10. Support Charities and Companies making a difference. The Fashion Revolution is a really good starting place - On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza garment factory, in which many of the global fashion corporations produce at low wages, collapsed in Bangladesh. In total, 1,134 workers were killed and over 2,500 were seriously injured. In order to protest against this Fashion Revolution Week was created in remembrance.  You can become part of the revolution and send messages to fashion brands under the hashtag #whomademyclothes. See their website for further details how you can be part of this movement.