Fabric For Freedom creates modern, authentic and contemporary women’s & unisex clothing with a purpose. We aim to bring change to the fashion industry minimising our impact on the environment and being a company that protects people and prevents climate change.

Our fabrics consist of organic and recycled materials, including ends of rolls. Products are all ethically produced in the U.K, where we guarantee fair wages and good working conditions. We want to create optimism through our collections, encouraging the idea that we should celebrate with people, with fashion, with collaboration and with creativity.

This expanding world has given rise to the world of fast fashion, where companies are mass-producing their pieces in order to offer low prices and keep up with ever-changing trends. These sort of brands are contributing to massive amounts of waste and exploitation within the fashion industry. In response we are promoting sustainable fashion with eco-conscious practices, we were created to inspire, encourage and offer people an alternative. Designed for longevity - our ethos is to be responsible, honest and modern.