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upcycled jeans high wasted with embroidery

High Waisted Upcycled Dark Blue Jeans

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One kilogram of cotton - equivalent to the weight of a shirt and pair of jeans - can take as much as 10,000–20,000 litres of water to produce. By upcycling our jeans we are preventing further environmental impact and stopping the creation of new production lines. Circular fashion is the future. 

These jeans are embroidered with our iconic face imagery as well as the phrase "choose joy, wage peace". 

Please allow one week for delivery as some pieces may be made to order. Some denim might alter in colour slightly from the images due to these items being one off pieces.


Hand wash or dry clean when necessary. Denim is not supposed to be washed in a washing machine when worn a few times please leave out to air.  

Supplier - Fabric For Freedom