Join us in talking about Anti Black Friday

Join us in talking about Anti Black Friday, as a sustainable brand we do not agree or promote this mass consumption event that encourages huge discounts. Instead we opt for Green Friday. 10% of all sales placed on Friday or over the weekend will go towards our chosen charities that help empower poverty stricken or trafficked women. A21 and Freesetglobal our charity and partners


womens clothing ethical sustainable fashion

Every year on Black Friday and Cyper Monday millions of shoppers wait in line for hours to rush through the doors and fight over who can get the best deal. 

Mindful shopping and buying less, we take a sustainable approach and raise awareness for the environmental impact the fashion industry has from this over consumption. We value beautiful design, celebrating slow fashion and making a difference with our non-impactful sustainable processes. We have united with other transparent brands to be part of the change at the LDC Say No to Black Friday Pop Up Shop. 

We are in the last few days on the LDC Say No to Black Friday Pop Up Shop come and visit us:

64/68 Charing Cross Road



By supporting independent smaller boutiques that put so much more care into the products they produce will help change this industry. Fast fashion has to stop we have had enough of throwaway trends, pollution and exploitation. Instead opt for investment into that one quality piece. Buying less but being choicer about where we spend our money. 

ethical womens fashion

The fashion industry has the fourth largest environmental impact of any industry in the UK, it is easy to forget in the rush for Black Friday deals. It is one of the largest shopping days of the year but ethical and environmental concerns are forgotten quickly in this rush. Every year the time periods are extended, the discounts get heavier and officially it is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. By extending all these discounts we will end up being on sale until Mid-January, this discounting culture needs to stop. 

Through these high discount’s retailers create a sense of urgency to spend money providing temporary relief to consumers longing for items but it is estimated that consumers will be left with £441 million worth of regret from these purchases, and regret leads to increased waste.


ethical womens fashion


Environmental facts surrounding the fashion industry - 1.7 billion tons of carbon dioxide is emitted annually and 2.1 billion tons of waste it produced each year. Doing business as usual will not be an option any more. Only 20% of textiles are recycled, 2 million tons of clothing and textiles are thrown away each year in the UK. 80% of textile waste going to landfills could have been reused. Our landfills are getting larger, significant recycling schemes are not in place as companies do not have the facilities to cope. What happened to buying that one item that you have to save for, wait for and then cherish? The items you have spent more effort to get, spent more thought on the purchase are the ones you value the most and will never throw away. 


womens clothing ethical sustainable fashion



ethical womens fashion 



The more awareness we give to sustainability the more people will be able to identify unsustainable habits. Consumers still are not aware of what qualifies as sustainable, but mind-sets are changing. The Fashion Revolution commissioned a survey of 5,000 people aged 16-75 in the five largest European markets, including Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain, to find out how supply chain transparency and sustainability impacts consumers’ purchasing decisions when shopping for clothing, accessories and shoes.

The report showed that 67% of people would like fashion brands to tell them where the materials used in their products came from, 61% are interested in learning about what fashion brands are doing to minimise their impacts on the environment and to protect their workers human rights and nearly 80% of people say that fashion brands should be required by law to protect the environment, provide information about the social impacts of the business and pay workers a fair living wage. This shows that we are becoming more knowledgeable about sustainability we just need to be more aware of the sustainable options. 

ethical womens fashion


We have listed a few points below to help people have an alternative approach to Black Friday:


  • Buy only what you need, love and will really cherish
  • Support independent sustainable brands that protect workers and the environment – like Fabric For Freedom
  • Buy nothing for Black Friday 
  • Vintage and charity shops
  • Upcycle, recycle and reuse

 ethical womens fashionethical womens fashion

 “ I am fed up on accepting things I cannot change but instead I am changing things I cannot accept”. 

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