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Fabric For Freedom Talks Sustainability

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Last week the brand took part in a sustainable ‘Anti-Black Friday’ pop up shop, thank you to all that came by.

The event was a success and it was brilliant to see so many people coming through the door who care about sustainable fashion.  Consumers’ mind sets are changing, and they are starting to realise it is much better to invest in that one piece of high-end, high quality, ethical item that you can get 30+ wears out of, rather than multiple items you can only wear a couple of times.

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Fast fashion is killing our planet as well as harming the people in the developing countries who make our clothes. The event was organised to offer people and an alternative.

Our designer Esther Knight had the privilege of being on the panel discussing the issues with fast fashion and educating the audience on why it is important to shop ethically. The principle relies on using business to inspire solutions to the current environmental crisis and to create awareness of the exploitation currently within the industry. The whole evening focused on persuading people to think more wisely about their shopping habits and to try to reduce this over consumption that is destroying our planet.


womens clothing ethical fashion


The whole reason why Fabric For Freedom was started in the first place was that we saw first-hand the pressure that was put on suppliers to deliver quickly and cheaply products found on the high street. This leads to cost cutting methods, labour abuses, lack of health and safety and the use of more chemicals. These cost cutting methods impact the suppliers and cut their profits whilst our clothing brands can benefit from huge mark ups normally at the expense of someone else.



fabric for freedom womens jumper organic


Suppliers then put pressure on their workers with excessive overtime, low wages, child labour and human trafficking. By understanding the negative impacts our buying habits can lead to, we will help to change the industry. An October 2018 report done by Transformation at the C&A Foundation found that more than 20% of the orders received from retailers or brands were not priced to cover the cost of social, environmental, quality and other compliance requirements.

The systems of fast fashion are broken. We cannot continue producing and consuming at the same rate that we are in a sustainable manner. The Ellen McArthur foundation states that textile production uses around 93 million cubic metres of water and an estimated 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, per year, which is more than flights and maritime shipping combined. And in the UK specifically, the consumption of clothing itself is rapidly rising, alongside disposal rates, with 350,000 tonnes of clothes being discarded to landfill.

That is why events like “Fuck Fast Fashion” and the LDC pop up event are so important, speaking out to the non-converted so that people can see the true cost of their purchases.

fabric for freedom womens jumper organic On another note, it is “Make Something Week” until the 2nd December which supports and promotes a movement of makers and alternatives to consumerism. Instead of going shopping spend quality time with friends, family or your community to find ways to make the most of the resources around you: by sharing, repairing, making and doing it ourselves we transform old things into something new. Find out more by clicking here.



fabric for freedom womens jumper organic


What is positive is that we are going to see more of a shift towards sustainability and consumer demand for ethically sourced products and consumers are already beginning to reject brands and businesses that aren’t on board. Sustainability is set to have a 250% increase in the next few years - the idea of make, take, waste is going to slow as consumers realise the impact of fast fashion.

Together we will make sustainability move towards being the new norm, creating fashion that is fair and producing a brand people are proud to be a part of. This is the day of change, let’s create a level playing field.



fabric for freedom womens jumper organic


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